Knowing Your Numbers

Accurate Estimating

Make sure your estimates are covering your costs with a walkthrough on accurate estimating.

It all starts here, learn to create your estimates quickly and efficiently to increase your chance of winning the job.

Efficient Estimating

"You Can't Mange What You Don't Measure," here's how to know your numbers and ensure profitability.

Profitable Estimating

Meet our Presenter

Wyatt shows builders and remodelers how to make more money without working any harder. As a veteran designer, real estate developer and construction company owner, Wyatt uses his mastery of business strategy, marketing and sales to help you generate quality leads and quickly turn them into profitable customers.

He increased one contractor’s average job size from $3,500 to $81,000 in just EIGHTEEN months. And he showed another how to stop giving free estimates and no longer compete on price by converting them to a Design Build Firm.

Whether you need to help with marketing, estimating, or closing deals, Wyatt is the expert who can take you from where you are to where you want to be. 

Wyatt Knight

Building & Remodeling Expert

Free Webinar - Knowing Your Numbers

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Thursday June 30, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Eastern Time (US and Canada), GMT -5

Please expect a 60 minute presentation + Q&A

Estimating: Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Accuracy, Efficiency, and Profitability.

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